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The Secondary Stage schooling at AJPS comprises of Grade IX to Grade XII. The corridors of education and learning are fully opened to multi-disciplinary system of education, wherein children take cognisance of a plethora of subject combinations, group activities, project submissions and multimedia presentations for undisrupted learning. Students are encouraged to be objective and analytical. Every student is hand held to finally arrive as independent learners and foresee themselves as future leaders. The students are treated as matured individuals with a unique mind-set of their own. The focus at this stage is to contribute to the exponential learning curve of students, enabling them to be employable and conscientious members of the society.


It is noteworthy to mention that at AJPS, the below mentioned combination of subjects are offered for Grade XI and Grade XII, for seamless learning:

The Subject Combinations offered are:

Science Stream:

  • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology
  • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science

Commerce Stream:

Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy

Along with these main subjects any one of the below mentioned subjects can be chosen:

Entrepreneurship, Computer Science, Mathematics