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AJPS has beautifully amended its pedagogical contours based on the New Education Policy 2020. The latest pedagogical trends have aimed at fostering a holistic development of children wherein the faculty members have driven concepts of engaging, exploring, elaborating and evaluating. Our pedagogy is based on a paradigm that inspires an all-round development of students- subsequently ascertaining a robust integration of technology with learning and teaching processes. It’s the high order skills that AJPS primarily focusses on, making our children more creative, critical, idea-driven and innovative in approach. Multi-Disciplinary Learning has been seamlessly intertwined with Vocational Learning and the gap between academic and non-academic initiatives has been bridged with efficacy. Quite notably, AJPS truly believes in the spirit of traditional and new-aged digital education. In light of the same, it specially endeavours to train its faculty members and contribute to the talent pool.  Also, with a greater focus on imparting experiential learning for its student community, the teaching staff has greatly reworked upon the dynamics of essential learning in its pedagogical methodologies.

We at AJPS are working tirelessly to forge a rewarding relationship with our young generation of learners, in accordance with the NEP 2020. The new curriculum and pedagogical structure is already into action and we are way ahead in creating higher performance standards, driven by key competencies and an overhauled schooling experience.