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Child Safety Programmes at AJPS

AJPS has always kept ‘Child Safety’ at the helm. It has always perceived child safety as the quintessence of school ethos and disposition. In light of the above facts, AJPS has regularly initiated multiple Child Safety Programmes which are presented to the parent as well as the student community. These child safety programmes have been designed by experts and stalwarts from the educational arena. Quite notably, each of these programmes cater specifically to the sensibilities of the grades each child belongs to. The children belonging to the Foundational and Preparatory Stage are hand held to explain the concepts, while the children of Middle and Secondary stage are made abreast with the facts, with a different set of teaching methodologies and techniques.
The Child Safety Programmes are based on an interactive interface wherein questions are encouraged and an apt query resolution is emphatically presented. For the Foundational and Preparatory Stage, important concepts like- Safety at home, Road safety, Stranger is Danger, Good touch and Bad touch are elaborately covered. Since the children belonging to this stage are equipped with lower sensibilities, each concept is broken down into more simplified and easy concepts, to enable a learning experience which is lucid in its nature. The Child Safety Programmes for the Middle and Secondary stage is more comprehensive and detailed in its approach. Children are made aware about unwarranted circumstances like reckless behaviour, click baits and are thoroughly taught on handling these situations with aplomb. The concepts go much deeper wherein children are divided into focus groups deliberating on the vices related to self-sabotage and self-doubt. The Child Safety Programmes have been transformational in changing perspectives of students and embracing -Responsible behaviour, Moral values and ethics ,Self-awareness, Self-motivation and conscientiousness.
We are delighted to share some of the extraordinary feedback and appreciation we have received from our parents and student community towards the path breaking AJPS Child Safety Programmes.

Parents Feedback- AJPS Child Safety Programmes

1. Was the Child Safety Programme impactful?
  • Yes, very impactful.
  • Yes it was very effective. I personally participated along with my kids. The examples given were easy to understand from the children’s point of view. The teacher’s explanation was quite good.
  • Yes, the kids got a good chance to learn about their safety.
  • It gets difficult to explain such things to kids verbally at home. When someone in authority like a teacher explains it to them with demonstration using images/videos it creates a deep impact and makes them remember the importance of safety for a long time.
2.What were the important learning outcomes?
  • My child has understood to behave in the right way with strangers.
  • After the session my kid is able to identify and explain what is right and what is wrong. For example, when we were at traffic signal, she asked me to stop before the zebra line.  If any strangers are knocking at the door she is informing instead of opening the door.
  • My daughter is more aware of safety guidelines now – she follows them while she is in the kitchen, playing outside, crossing street and dealing with strangers. She was seen explaining in her own words to her peers in the neighbourhood what was taught at school, making them aware too!

“Today I had Child Safety Virtual Programme. It was very interesting and useful to implement in our daily lives. My Class Teacher explained it so well, that it made the session interesting. The PPT used was very colourful. I thank my hard working teachers for such a wonderful session."

“The session on Child Safety was a much needed one. I felt like I am listening to all the information from my own parents. We were made alert on all aspects related to Child Safety. We were also reminded of various ways of leading a healthy lifestyle. Thank you for such an informative and useful session.”

“This was a really good experience. One of the topics taught was the – importance of good sleep. I have not watched any gadget or devices at the wrong timings, thereafter. I have even shared the valuable points with my sister and she also learnt a lot from it. My perception on safety and well-being has really changed in a great way."

“The Child Safety session was very informative on knowing or identifying if people are behaving good or bad with us. The best thing I learnt is that we have the right to raise our voice if we feel things are not going according our expectations. The information shared in the session was really very helpful.”

Glimpses of few encouraging comments on AJPS Social Media Platforms

  • “Would love to have more of these kind of sessions, now and then.”
  • “It was a very useful session!”
  • “Good precautions and guidance.”
  • “The explanation was really good and I understood everything.”
  • “The session was really informative and thanks a lot for conducting it so well.”
  • “Outstanding! “
  • “It was informative and we got to know lots of things.”
  • “Conducting similar sessions would be highly appreciated.”
  • “It was very useful for us and we were able to understand pros and cons.”
  • “It was quite good, informative and helpful.”
  • “Thanks for the session and I would like to have more like this in future.”
  • “Nice presentation.”
  • “The session was interesting. Thank you to our teachers who care so much for the students of our school.”