Amara Jyothi

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The Foundational Stage schooling at AJPS comprises of the Pre-Primary Section to Grade II. It forms the crux of the edifice of holistic child development. It massively engages in play-based, activity-based methods coupled with a myriad of school readiness activities, in a phased manner. The versatile curriculum is a reflection of core subjects like Language, Mathematics and Science which prepares the young ones to be participative and enterprising.


“It was a really tough choice for us to select a good school for my daughter. We visited nearly 10 schools and personally took review from many parents. Our decision to choose AJPS was fully right. Teachers are very friendly and genuinely committed to exploring kid’s potential. They are very open to parent’s feedback and make sincere efforts to implement the plausible solutions. I saw lot of improvement in my daughter wherein she got more confident and started to feel happy about schooling. She is always excited about new activities and we had great bonding time while creating Student Portfolio Project which was given as an assignment during Dasara holidays. We sincerely pray AJPS continues to grow and strengthens its core vision and mission that makes it stand apart from other schools.”

Asha J Home Maker and IT Business Analyst for 8 Years

“First of all, let me thank the teachers for their hard work in supporting my daughter as she learns and interacts with them every day. Their patience and commitment to support my child has meant a lot to us. With their invaluable guidance, my daughter has turned into a confident and well versed orator, of her age and there is no doubt that my daughter's skills have developed considerably under her teacher’s care. The teacher’s expertise has put our minds at ease. We are so grateful to have them as our child’s mentors. Teachers require so many positive qualities like care, compassion, patience and commitment. These qualities are found in abundance in AJPS Faculty Members. Thank you for being such an important part in our child’s development.”

Ganesh Devanarayanan Manager- IT Industry

“I am a happy parent who wants to profusely thank the AJPS Teachers for chalking out an elaborate learning roadmap for the children. The pandemic introduced us to virtual and Online Classes. Special credit to the institution for having a stable application making the sessions very interactive and providing seamless learning. AJPS has very passionate and dedicated teachers and we as parents feel so lucky to have put our ward in this school. I hope to convey to other parents the priceless impact AJPS is making on so many students’ lives.”

Varun Thampi Team Lead- BPO Operations

“I would like to thank & appreciate Amara Jyothi Public School & its entire teaching staff of Pre- Primary stage for moulding my daughter and making her learn academics in a robust manner. I have witnessed lot of improvement in her personality development. It is a great school and my child simply loves it. Special thanks to her class teacher for understanding her so well and at the same time giving personal attention to each and every student.”

Sujith KC Manager- Senior Financial Analyst

“We have been associated with Amara Jyothi Public School for 6 years now. My elder child was admitted to Pre -Primary wing in 2016. When it came to admission for my younger one we did not have a second thought ! AJPS has never let us down in terms of curriculum, activities, and interactions even in these pandemic times. The teachers not only take out the time to teach but also invest in connecting with children and making them feel special and unique. The School is very proactive in ensuring an overall development of children with the quality of teaching being excellent! The Management & Staff are very approachable & open to suggestions. Their focus on the child’s total well-being is refreshing and promising. The warm & loving bonds that are forged between Teachers, Students and Staff is indeed heart-warming.”

Anu Peter Sales and Marketing Head