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Annual Report- Academic Year 2021-22

The Covid 19 Pandemic catapulted the education system to turn its face to digital education. It almost reinvented the entire educational model, with innovation being at the heart of the digital deluge. The learning contours changed and we at AJPS were introduced to the uphill task of successfully disseminating education at a virtual level- across Foundational, Preparatory, Middle and Secondary Levels of Education.

At the outset we are immensely delighted to inform that AJPS is the proud recipient of the ‘ International Dimension in School Certification’- awarded by the prestigious British Council. AJPS commenced its beautiful journey by creating a distinct roadmap and carving out tangible and intangible milestones with a synergised team in action. It was a relentless pursuit for many months in a row, which finally blossomed into a plethora of projects and submissions required for the IDS Certification.  The IDS Journey has been redefining. It has galvanised the whole AJPS team into strategizing, planning and executing the projects with finesse and perfection. We are indeed profusely thankful to the British Council to extend this opportunity and cajole us to prove our mettle. A progressive and prudent group of AJPS Management, Coordinators and Faculty members backed by a resourceful, competent team of AJPS student fraternity made this awe-inspiring feat possible.

Foundational Stage (Pre- Primary – Grade II)

The Foundational Stage saw a number of well-conceived initiatives and drives into action.

Grandparents Day

AJPS organised a virtual Grandparents Day Programme and cherished the moments by organising a plethora of games and events. It was an absolute delight to see the Grandparents play along with their Grandchildren. The memories of Grandparents Day will always linger in our hearts in the forthcoming days.

Child Safety Programmes

AJPS has always kept ‘Child Safety’ at the helm. It has always perceived child safety as the quintessence of school ethos and disposition. For the Foundational Stage, important concepts like- Safety at home, Road safety, Stranger is Danger, Good touch and Bad touch were elaborately covered. Since the children belonging to this stage are equipped with lower sensibilities, each concept was broken down into more simplified and easy concepts, to enable a learning experience which is lucid in its nature.

Orange Day

Orange Day was celebrated with great jollity and mirth. The orange colour is a roller coaster of sorts- its hues are marked with dynamism, imagination and creativity. The classroom was thematically decorated with orange colour objects wherein the students had an enjoyable time participating in the virtual activities. It was indeed a pleasure to witness the tiny tots decked up in orange hues, looking absolutely charming and adorable.

It is quite noteworthy to mention that The Foundational Stage students participated in Hongrana – Interschool competition organised by the Kannada department – Diya school.

Festivals like Rakshabandhan, Janmashtmi were also celebrated with a staggering participation by the young ones.

Preparatory Stage and Middle Stage (Grade III- Grade VIII)

The Preparatory Stage and Middle Stage segment was replete with many back to back initiatives and enterprise. A synopsis of the same is being presented for your kind consideration.

  • The new academic session began with an elaborate Student Orientation Programme which was warmly welcomed by the student community.
  • AJPS students were given the wonderful opportunity to participate in Olympiad exams and excel with flying colours.
  • AJPS Faculty Members, underwent online training sessions/webinars organized by Central Board of Secondary Education.
  • Remedial classes for the subjects – Kannada and Hindi was successfully held.
  • Online PTM and query resolution for parents, students was duly carried out.
  • Virtual Tourism Programme was meticulously organised and was well-received.( Magnificent Tourist Destinations, Oceans)etc.
  • AJPS students Won accolades at ‘Volkfiesta’ ( Deen’s academy), BVM Global Senior School Competition -Kannada Saurabha  and ‘Hongirana’  (DIYA ACADEMY)
  • Child Safety Programmes: The Child Safety Programmes for the Preparatory Stage and Middle stage is more detailed in its approach. Children were made aware about unwarranted circumstances like reckless behaviour, click baits and are thoroughly taught on handling these situations with aplomb.

Secondary Stage (Grade IX- Grade XII)

The Secondary Stage segment was a witness to many new initiatives and collaborations. A synopsis of the same is being presented for your kind consideration.

  • The new academic session began with an elaborate Student Orientation Programme which made students understand the different streams and subject combinations offered at AJPS.
  • A well thought Orientation Programme was organised for the AJPS Parent Community to understand the nuances of the New Education Policy 2020.
  • – The AJPS Investiture Ceremony was duly observed with full solemnity. A well-conceived electoral process was successfully administered for the same. AJPS students got their first-hand virtual experience in choosing the Student Council members, marked by their first tryst with a fair electoral process. The elected representatives were thereafter inducted ceremoniously. 
  • – Grade IX to XII students participated in Volkfiesta (Conducted by Deens Academy). 
  • – Grade XII students participated in the prestigious GEAR Teachnothon 2021 Competition. 
  • –  The Child Safety Programmes for the Secondary Stage have been transformational in changing perspectives of students and embracing -Responsible behaviour, Moral values and ethics, Self-awareness, Self-motivation and Conscientiousness. The concepts explained were much deeper wherein children were divided into focus groups deliberating on the vices related to self-sabotage and self-doubt.
  • -AJPS Faculty Members underwent online training sessions/webinars organized by Central Board of Secondary Education. 
  • – A comprehensive and interactive Career Counselling Session was conducted for Grade IX to XII students.
  • -An Orientation Programme for AJPS Students and Parents in collaboration with Aakash Institute was successfully conducted.

A plethora of events were organised for the current academic session keeping the Covid Norms and Protocols in mind and in strict adherence.

Independence Day

AJPS celebrated India’s 75th Independence Day with gusto and jubilance. The program commenced with the hoisting of the Indian National Flag by our esteemed Chairman Shri K.N. Srinivasa. It was followed by a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem, sung in harmony by one and all present for the august occasion. A beautiful Indian Classical dance presentation left the audience captivated. The school has always been proud of its student fraternity, which has excelled in academics and has added many more feathers, to the AJPS cap. On 15th August 2021, the School Management invited all the toppers of CBSE Board examinations (Year-2021), who were thereafter felicitated for their accomplishments.

Kannada Rajyotsava

The AJPS family celebrated Kannada Rajyotsava with great aplomb and jubilance. The programme commenced with a Prayer Session followed by a heartfelt Welcome Speech. The lighting of the Ceremonial Lamp was carried by our Honourable Chairman- Shri K. N. Srinivasa. The Flag Hoisting Ceremony was subsequently done- everyone saluted the Karnataka Flag with great respect and admiration. A beautiful Bharatnatyam dance performance was applauded by the audience. The Nandi Dwaja Kunitha dance, depicting the rich cultural history and heritage of the state was showcased. A Comedy skit left the enchanted audience in splits. Theme based Group Song and Group Dance were the other highlights of the day. An endearing Vote of Thanks marked the closure of the celebrations. The AJPS Virtual platform also witnessed a lot of engagement and action-based activities. Flag making, badge making, dressing up like great personalities and slogan-writing were some of the most appreciated activities, driven for the student community.

Children’s Day

AJPS celebrated Children’s Day with great zeal and gusto. The programme was meticulously planned by the coordinator, administrative staff and the teachers to celebrate this beautiful day of innocence, laughter and what may be termed as one of the best stages of human lifecycle- childhood! The event began with a warm welcome speech and was further solemnized by a motivational discourse. Fun-filled games like ‘Pinning the Fox’s Tail’(while being blindfolded), Chinese whisper, Dumb Charades, displaying signature steps of famous tunes/songs, were thoroughly enjoyed by the student community. The Flash Mob performance by the beloved teachers was a spectacle to behold! The programme ended with a Vote of Thanks on behalf of Student Council Members. The Children’s Day celebrations ended with the distribution of sweets and more so, many beautiful moments lingering in our minds, for many more days to come.

AJMUN 2021

Living up to our motto, ‘Learning beyond boundaries’ the students set a befitting example for the adage- everything is possible! AJMUN 2021 turned out to be a great learning experience wherein the students gained knowledge on various current issues, demonstrated skills like debating, deliberating and leadership. The esteemed conference was slated for two consecutive days. The three noteworthy committees formed were UNSC, WHO and FAO. It was wonderful to see the students raise motions and find resolutions, donning the shoes of delegates, representing various countries. They researched on actual problems faced by the countries with regards to the motion. AJMUN 2021 beautifully concluded with the best students being awarded with well-deserved Certificates and appreciation.

AURA- Staff Welfare Committee

AJPS has believed in venturing the extra mile to achieve physical as well as mental well-being of its employees. Aligning with its tapestry of goals, AJPS launched the Staff Welfare Committee- Aura- a body conceived, created and dedicated to the progress and growth of the AJPS staff members. The Chief Guest for the day was Mrs. Aparna Athreya- an award winning story-teller and founder of the organisations Kids Triangle & Kids and Parent Foundation. It was a day well-spent with a special focus on mental health of AJPS employees, especially during lockdown. Story telling sessions, Activity based learning was the highlight of the day. It was indeed a rewarding session, thoroughly enjoyed by the AJPS fraternity.

AJPS Inclusion in the Air Force Troop

We at AJPS have relentlessly followed our motto- ‘Learning beyond Boundaries’. It is noteworthy to mention that Amara Jyothi Public School has an- Army Wing of the National Cadet Corps (NCC) since 2013. We are extremely pleased to announce that AJPS has now obtained the permission for commencing voluntary enrolments for the Air Wing of the National Cadet Corps (NCC). It is now getting extended to our budding students who are curious to experience the thrill in the skies and expand their horizons! AJPS has come up with an excellent opportunity especially for students to develop great discipline, leadership and experience the true spirit of adventure.

AJPS Launches a Brand New Official Website

The AJPS Management is elated to share that AJPS Official School Website has been revamped with a new look. The school has come with a totally refurbished content writing coupled with an aesthetic look to the School Website Page. Please find some time to go to the below link and undergo a delightful experience.

AJPS Website Address-


The eminent Editorial Board of Splash Magazine has come up with the virtuous introduction of – ‘Splash Badge of Recognition’. The noble batch of recognition is awarded to the AJPS community of young writers and artists whose notable works are acknowledged, appreciated and published in the SPLASH magazine. This significant stride has been launched to encourage and unveil the potentiality of young minds.

AJPS Vaccination Drive

AJPS took the moral responsibility of encouraging the Inoculation drive by tying up with Primary Health Centre. The vaccination drive begun with getting consent from the student's parents/guardian’s via the school portal. All the rigorous arrangements were made by the School Authorities with the vaccination drive being slated for Monday- 11th of January, 2022. Students belonging to the stipulated age-group were jabbed with the first dose of the vaccine. Besides these an array of programmes, celebrations, occasions marked the current academic session- the most striking of the list were- Republic Day, Kargil Vijay Diwas , Ganesha Festival, Christmas Celebrations, International Women’s Day, Hindi Diwas, International Yoga Day etc.

The Current Academic Year also was quite remarkable in terms of path-breaking concepts and initiatives at School.
  • The prestigious NEET Examination was conducted for over 500 students, in line with stringent Covid Norms and Protocols.
  • The Online Platform- ENTAB ensured a smooth functioning of the classes.
  • AJPS Launched the first of its kind- indigenous in-house Monthly Magazine named – SPLASH. The Official Release was done by Honourable Chairman Sri K. N. Srinivasa and the esteemed School Dignitaries.
  • AJPS has received the grant for setting up the – Atal Tinker Laboratory – a great leap towards inculcating an innovative mind set and disposition, for High School students.
We hereby wish to keep the eternal flame of AJPS aglow with our diligence, honesty and commitment towards ensuring a holistic development of AJPS fraternity of students. 

We wish you a Happy and Rewarding New year 2022!
Mrs. Geetha Somanathan