What is AJMUN?

Amara Jyothi Model United Nations is a recreation of United Nations proceedings, with students role-playing representatives of different countries in 1st edition UN committees like United Nations Human Rights Council, United Nations Security Council, Economical and Financial Affairs council etc. The purpose of AJMUN is for students to achieve a greater understanding not only of the UN, but also of global issues. Through an interactive and enjoyable educational experience. It is an attempt to engage students with global challenges, and encourage them to think creatively with an international outlook to problem solving, that attracts many of the brightest minds in the city. 


“To be a student-centric school where a child grows holistically and endeavours to contribute to the global milieu.”


“Our mission is to usher into a new era of academic brilliance blending its way with skill enhancement and life skills. We seek to empower every student to become self-reliant and grow as young, responsible learners. We as educators want to inspire the student community to uphold high standards of integrity and exhibit extraordinary will and mettle in combating adversities. At AJPS, we look forward to fostering lifelong learning and preserving the tenets of modern, contemporary education.”

Chairman's Message

AJPS has always supported a fair and free environment for constructive debates and has upheld the ‘don’t hate – debate’ culture, intricately woven across tiers of school-management. I firmly believe that a further appropriation for the fortification of these, is waiting in the wings. It is with this sense that I extend this invitation to the ignited minds of your Institution, to partake in the AJMUN 2022 on 25th and 26th of November 2022, as delegates and the advisory.
MUN allows students to gear-up and thrash out International political issues in a logical and peaceful manner. Thus, not only promoting a better understanding of UN bodies but also grooming world leaders of tomorrow. MUN has always been the gateway to the pursuit of excellence in the debating arena for a multitude of students. The six UN committees namely- United Nation Human Right Council, United Nation Security Council, Historic Continuous Crisis Committee, The Economic and Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN), International Press Committee, Ministry of Magic (MOM)- provide excellent platform to hone the encompassing skills of deliberation, reasoning, and convincing, while keeping abreast of the absolute and the obsolete.
World-peace is non-negotiable, and the millennial are already onto this valuable lesson. AJMUN 2022 is all set to steer the MODEL UNITED NATION Conference to the next level. We look forward to being your host for the event and facilitate the same in standards at par with the best. I am sure you would seize the opportunity to showcase debating prowess of your students to their peers.
Best Wishes,
K.N. Srinivasa

Principal's Message

“Peace cannot be achieved by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.” – Albert Einstein
The world is shrinking everyday and the one thing that has no place in the changing dynamics among nations, is the narrow-minded approach to world affairs. The panacea for all maladies that ail the world today is promotion of peace, which has always been our forte.
It is with this view and to foster peace and understanding among potential leaders of the world, that AJMUN has opened its portals to the delegates and the advisory of your institution. We at AJPS KR Puram, Bangalore, have always placed a higher value on integrity of mind and character, which are essential for a stronger nation and a peaceful world.
A deeper understanding of the world we live-in, commences in school and what better platform than the open-debate, world-recognized structure of MUN, for young students to bring fresh perspectives to the age-old issues. International politics is now truly international with avenues like MUN with sheer potential to explore and made available to the dynamic future leaders.
AJMUN-2022 encompasses UN conventional committees along with a few contemporary ones, which I am sure the participants will find interesting. So, let’s change the narrative and take things a notch higher.

Warm Regards
Ms. Geetha Somanathan

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