About the School –

Amara Jyothi Public School (AJPS) is a premier educational institution with an idyllic location in heart of Krishnarajapuram, Bengaluru, since 2004 bearing an affiliation to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi. The school offers education from Pre-Primary levels all the way up to the Senior Secondary Level.

AJPS is the realization of a vision that was nurtured and cherished by the visionary, Mr. Srinivasa K N & is run by the Amara Jyothi Educational Trust, headquartered in Bengaluru.

India is a very young country with over half of its population currently being under the age of 25 years & is likely to have the world’s largest workforce in this decade due to a spurt in Economic growth, jobs, and productivity. It is said that the developing countries with large youth populations could see their economies soar, provided they invest heavily in young people’s health & education.

Young people are the innovators, creators, builders and leaders of the future. But they can transform the future only if they have skills, health, decision-making, and real choices in life.

Bearing this very thought and vision in mind, Amara Jyothi Public School strives to be an institution that is recognized for bringing about a transformation in the school education, synchronous with the contemporary global standards by providing quality education to invigorate the young creative minds of the new age India.

 “True education is the acquisition of enlightened power to understand the daily events and to understand the permanent truth by linking citizens, to his environment, human and planet we live in”.   ~ A. P. J ABDUL KALAM.

Vision and Mission -

Vision: To nurture and inspire the future generation with a collaboration of Innovation and creativity in an environment that draws on the strength and potential of young learners and help them realize their dreams.


Academic Excellence: Achieve the highest academic standards by involving and evolving the teaching and learning strategies ideal for the dynamic society we live in.

Skill Enhancement: The emphasis is on providing a plethora of opportunities to hone the skills that are crucial to being responsible citizens.

Life Skill Implementation: Social, Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, and Emotional aspects are nurtured to guide our students to become compassionate and sensitive leaders.

Grounded to the roots: A blend the past, Present and the future is the way forward to a bright future.

Quality Policy

AJPS School provides an education that emphasizes academic excellence within a caring community. The School encourages the appreciation of the diversity of persons and cultures, by providing an optimal environment for learning and teaching, and offers a curriculum that arouses the joy of learning among students by:

Practicing tolerance and living together in peace.

Enkindling leadership that demonstrates awareness of ethical and moral issues.

Gaining historic and contemporary knowledge and understanding the world through intellectual endeavour.

Acquiring international perception through interaction with the uniquely diverse school community.

Studying and experiencing other cultures and belief systems through student-teacher exchange programs.

Maintaining the fluency of their mother tongue, while valuing the acquisition of other languages thus making a difference as a global citizen

And striving for continuous improvement of its quality of education by constant emphasis on quality in terms of:

ü  Teaching tools / Strategies

ü  Infrastructure

ü  Professional development of staff

ü  Library resources

ü  Curriculum Development

Principal Speak

Principal’s Message

“Vision without Action…Is Just a Dream Action without Vision…Just Passes the Time But, Vision and Action…Can Change the World” – Joel A. Barker. Amara Jyothi Public School as an educational institution has believed in the mantra of moulding sensible, sensitive and efficient citizens without comprising on academic excellence.

The accelerated growth of the world makes us; the educators pause and reflect on the pedagogies of education. An ever evolving world requires the educational institutions to equip themselves with the systems that are adequate and inclusive in all aspects. Education provided should ignite the minds and hearts of our future citizens. These young minds should have the courage to face the challenges with all fairness and to dream big.

Continuous analyses of our approaches and introspection have enabled us to balance our curriculum. A holistic approach towards learning has seen us propagate innovation. The advancement in technology and globalization has taught us the urgency in creating a generation that will march ahead with the AJPS ethos of moral values and principles. Thus we completely understand the importance of educating the hearts along with the minds.

The advancement that the school has had from its inception has been possible because other committed and supportive management, dedicated and competent teachers, co-operative parents, state of the art infrastructure and an idyllic setting. A child centric system has always proven to be victorious and I am proud to be part of this system.

In the pursuit of Educating the mind and heart, which is our motto, our earnest effort has been to provide our students a platform to realize their passion and to dream big and beyond. With the never dying spirit our students will develop into individuals bestowed with qualities that would make them humane in thoughts, words and action.

Thus I urge that we build a world of not only greatness but also goodness to ensure the wellbeing of all with whom we are associated directly or indirectly.

– Mrs. Deepa R, Principal

Institutional Values

An institutional value or quality is important in honing and developing young talents. I is considered as an important and a typical feature of a society or group, it is usually because it has existed for a long time. Institutional values are the basic principles of our community. They lead us to a personal fulfilment and guide our behaviours and actions every day. Teachers, parents and staff work together using an array of strategies to achieve these goals.    As we endeavour towards our excellence, we must strive to be:


  1. Enthusiastic

Be able to confront challenges with courage and enthusiasm and accept the consequences of our actions and view life as a path full of learning experiences.

  1. A passion for excellence Be aware of our commitments and dedicate the time to complete them to our best ability.
  1. Having a well-rounded education. Taking care of the physical, emotional and intellectual growth leading to a higher quality of life.
  2. Self-control and self-esteem -Being aware of the rules and having a cordial relationship with others.
  3. 5. Environmental awareness Participation in projects that lead to sustainable development for all.
  1. Service and justice  Sharing ideas, actions and resources to benefit those who need it the most.
  1. Identity Identity is the ability to know and appreciate traditions and beliefs, cultural, religious and its contributions to our country and our role as global citizens.
  1. Respect is the foundation of all social interactions and creates an honest environment.

AJPS has always believed that every student should be diverse and inclusive of the innate potential to achieve their goals and succeed in life. This holistic development is possible by adapting an ongoing commitment to learn, grow and strive for excellence. Self-reflection and an earnest desire to continually improve is the integral part of this organisation.

Student Council:

Being a part of the student council, students engage in learning about democracy and leadership. Here, they learn to give their inputs regarding the functioning of their class and carry out different responsibilities, which helps in making them aware of their contribution towards the school. This is where they get a hands on experience  to take the charge and experience how to make a change or be a part of it.


  • Students are to report to school in freshly laundered uniforms, with clean socks and shoes.
  • Girl students should come with neatly plaited hair and should use only black rubber bands/hair bands.
  • Bullying or use of foul language will invite disciplinary action and will be dealt with severely.
  • Students are to handle school property carefully and any damage done will be made good by the one who causes it.
  • Students are to be on the school campus by 8.30 am. Late comers will be sent home. Late comers are to get their late-coming record signed by the teacher in-charge and attested by the parents.
  • It should be the earnest responsibility of parents to ensure that their children attend school punctually, are regular and disciplined in their academic work and progress.
  • It should be the responsibility of the parent to check the handbook daily and note the teacher’s remarks or any other detail. Please acknowledge the same promptly by placing your signature against the remark.
  • If parents observe that their child has not been assigned homework for some time, or is not able to follow the lessons, the Principal should be contacted.
  • Private Tuitions are discouraged. Class teachers and subject teachers will not be allowed to tutor students on a private arrangement.
  • Parents/guardian will not be allowed to feed children during the lunch break. Parents are not to bring/ send tiffin or books to their wards in-between the school hours. Lunch/ snacks should be carried by the children.
  • Students found tampering with school records and marks allotted in tests or examinations are liable to face strict disciplinary action.
  • Bursting of crackers or playing with colours or any untoward behaviour will lead to expulsion of a student from the school.
  • Parents are to address any grievances or concerns regarding their wards’ progress or performance to the Principal for remedial action.
  • No child will be permitted to go home in between school hours. In case of an emergency, the Principal is to be contacted by the parent or local guardian, as is applicable.
  • Do ensure that your ward does not carry mobile phones, digital music players, electronic gadgets, cash or any valuables to school. Strict action will be taken in case children are found with such electronic gadgets and these gadgets will not be returned.
  • The school is not responsible for any loss of personal property of any student.
  • The school, reserves the right to suspend or take strict action against a student whose performance in studies is constantly a concern, or whose conduct is harmful to other students.
  • Students who have been sick should bring a medical certificate on joining school. A fitness certificate is to be provided if the child has been suffering from contagious or infectious ailment. Please do not send a sick child to school.

Overview & Timings

Academic Year 

The academic year for the calendar is programmed from June to April, with brief recesses between academic terms. The academic year is compartmentalized into two semesters for all levels of School with the first semester commencing from June and the second from October / November.

School Timings


08:00 AM – 08:30 AMCircle time
08:30 AM – 09:00 AMI Period
09:00 AM – 09:30 AMII Period
09:30 AM – 10:00 AMIII Period
10:00 AM – 10:30 AMShort break
10:30 AM – 11:00 AMIV Period
11:00 AM – 11:30 AMV Period
11:30 AM – 12:00 PMVI Period
12:00 PM




8:00 AM – 8:15 AMHRP
8:15 AM – 8:55 AMI Period
8:55 AM – 9:35 AMII Period
9:35 AM – 9:55 AMSHORT BREAK
9:55 AM – 10:35 AMIII Period
10:35 AM – 11:15 AMIV Period
11:15 AM – 11:55 AMV Period
11:55 AM – 12:35 PMVI Period
12:35 PM – 12:55 PMLunch Break
12:55 PM – 1:35 PMVII Period
1:35 PM – 2:10 PMVIII Period
2:10 PM – 2:45 PMIX Period
2.55 PM – 4.00 PMX Period(Grade 9 & 10 only)