We at Amara Jyothi Public School believe in experiential learning through a unique and right approach to teaching and learning. “Beyond Text Book” and 21st Century skills is our mantra to strive and provide an effective foundational  for the young learners that will focus on their learning skills as well as social and emotional abilities with the right exposure. We look forward to providing these profound development traits through our well-structured curriculum that will afford each young learner, a unique overall learning experience and help them have a smooth transition from preschool – primary education – Secondary education in a seamless and holistic manner!. We aim to provide every learner an Education for a lifetime at AJPS



At AJPS we believe in following the latest pedagogical trends creating a buzz of excitement and encouraging the students to explore their interest, creativity, self-expression, social skills, and teamwork. We focus to ensure maximum growth with a special focus on the use of Digi Class, a special fitness program, and clubs and forums.
The Primary Grades are coordinated by a Dynamic Coordinator Ms. Minu Das, who has her own distinctive approach towards children and their developments. She bags 5 years of experience and is trained in painting and classical dance.

Primary pedagogy aim at creating confident and responsible individuals through a combination of Academics and Non-academics activities. Our teaching methodology includes steps that Engage, Explore, Explain,
Elaborate and Evaluate students. We at AJPS, try to involve  and stimulate multiple intelligences in our
pedagogy for the Holistic development of young students. Our curriculum is based on a paradigm that inspires
a child to look around and experience subjects in his/her immediate environment and relate concepts to
everyday realities. The elements in our pedagogy will sustain the interest of the learners and facilitate an depth
understanding of the concepts as well as inculcate the requisite knowledge, skills, values, and space for
reflection and critical thinking among children. Our teachers keep themselves updated with the latest in
education and learning through modern tools and training programs to teach 21st-century minds 

Middle School

At AJPS the learners begin to take the responsibility of moving in the direction of self-discipline.The learning from this level becomes an approach focusing mainly on concepts teaching, group discussion worksheets, use of Digi Class, Math navigator, Grammar express, written expression and clubs, and forums.  From this level regular assessments, tests and examinations become a part contributing to the Maximum growth for each learner.



At AJPS, this is the stage to develop an emphasis skill set learning experience for the students. Self-confidence, Independence, Leadership, Social Awareness, etc. are stimulated in the minds to prep
them and make them high achievers. Projects, group work, and multimedia presentations, etc. become a part of their learning.
At regular intervals, midterm tests and semester-end examinations are conducted to monitor.
1. This is the level when the school cabinet is formed to provide the students with valuable training on the ground for leadership.
2. Regular counseling sessions is ensured through workshops on Life Skills, Value Education.