CBSE Circulars

The school works with efficient communication system. Every circular regarding to curricular and co-curricular information from the Central Board of Secondary Education, is followed up with top priority by the Principal and Coordinators. The school ensures to implement every idea and suggestion given by the board with clear planning. We have an effective communication system with our parents where every information is shared on time with clear understanding on the undertaking. Every circular reaches the parent on top priory, giving them proper time to comprehend and respond.

CBSE Results

The school has been producing 100% result consecutively for almost a decade now. The academic year 2019-2020 has also witnessed a milestone victory in the path of academic success.

The students of Grade X Thanmayashree and Amogh. R has set up a benchmark performance of scoring in Hindi and Mathematics consecutively. Over all percentage of 96.4 % was backed by our student Anushka Trivedi setting laurels for the institution. Out of 84 passed out students of Grade X more 45 students have scored above 90 marks across subjects. On the count of achievements from Grade XII we have Vinayak Sharma scoring the top with 94% of overall achievement and 99% in Mathematics proving the effort the trained teaching fraternity.

Teachers Training

  1. CBSE Trainings – At Amara Jyothi Public School Academic excellence is of a high priority and to maintain this vision, values and belief the teaching staff is motivated to be a part of the ‘CBSE TEACHER’S TRAINING PROGRAMES’ to enhance their knowledge, strengthen their skills and core competencies.

For the academic year 2020, the CBSE training programmes were held on the topics- Innovative Pedagogy in science, CRM- Reinforcement and Rewards, Outcome based learning, 21st century skills, and NEP 2020 Assessment and Examination reforms. These trainings programmes are often proved to be assertive with their approach towards the development of skills and thus deliver prominent knowledge to the learners.

2. Communication development– At Amar Jyothi Public School it is important to develop a healthy and beneficial communication process. To enhance effective communication the principal has organised a training module which stresses on, phonics, pronunciation, listening skills, public speaking to build a positive company culture. 

 3. Micro teaching– Amara Jyothi public school always focuses on collaborative learning and growing together. Micro teaching sessions are regularly conducted to share ideas and the best teaching methodology on a topic.

  • It allows everyone to share their inputs and feel that their ideas are being valued.
  • It helps in receiving constructive feedback and giving directions to the person exactly on what they are doing well and ther areas of improvement
  • It enhances the self- confidence and equanimity among the teachers

Constructive feedback provided obviously inspired the teachers to perform better in class.