The core curriculum ensures all students learn from resources, textbooks and practices prescribed to their age/grade by the Central Board of Secondary Education.


English, II Lang (Kannada / Hindi), III Lang (Kannada / Hindi), Mathematics, Science, Social Science and Computer Science.


Encourages children to explore and display their talents and skills and earn certification in at least 2 skills prescribed by the Board.

Yoga and Art are compulsory for all classes

  •   DANCE : Classical and Contemporary.
  •   MUSIC : Vocal – Indian Classical and Western Classical.
  •   NCC : Was introduced in the school 2012. We now have a total of 50 cadets.
  •   CLUBS : Dance, Music, Literature, Eco, Science, Quiz, Robotics, Karate, Math, Personality development.

Pre- Primary

  •   NURSERY : At AJPPS, we believe every child is gifted and we help in strengthening that gift. Children are engaged in school readiness activities such as reading, writing, counting and number recognition in a fun filled but purposeful manner. Our nursery curriculum forms the foundation for holistic child development.
  •   KINDERGARTEN : Our curriculum gives children an opportunity to participate in various activities while exploring a range of concepts in language, mathematics and science. Children are encouraged to participate in inter- school competitions, thus boosting their confidence in their early years of school life.
  •   PRIMARY : The Primary school programme comprises Grade I to Grade IV. The teaching and learning methodology is interdisciplinary; the motto behind this is to ensure maximum growth of each learner with special focus on Math and Science, use of DigiClass, a special fitness programme and clubs and forums.
  •   MIDDLE SCHOOL : The Middle School comprises Grade V to VIII and is a transitional stage for the learner. Learning from this level onwards is not only interdisciplinary in its approach but also focuses on exploration and journal based learning worksheets, use of Digi Class, Math navigator, grammar express, written expression and clubs and forums.
  •   SECONDARY SCHOOL (GRADE IX AND X) : It is a preparatory stage for the senior secondary level learning. During these years, learning goes beyond books. Through projects, group work and multimedia presentations students are encouraged to question and to take responsibility for their learning, thus making them independent learners.
  •   SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL (XI AND XII) : The subjects offered are:

    Compulsory Subjects Compulsory Subjects
    English core
    English core
    Business studies
    (Choose any one. Tick against the subject of your choice)
    (Choose any one. Tick against the subject of your choice)
    Physical Education Physical Education
    Computer Science Computer Science