A competition to prove to be the best in the field of math has seen many emerging math prodigies at AJPS. An initiative taken forward by the school has produced the results that are commendable. Few students from Grade 6 to 10 were awarded certificates and medals. We are elated to have Rank holders at the National Level and We are also immensely proud of our Power Performers and Rising Stars


Amara Jyothi Public School has always emphasized on the importance of sports along with academics, when our students pick up sports and play with passion and enthusiasm we are elated. When passion drives them to great heights and success we can only feel proud and one such moment was when our students held the 'runner up trophy' at the 'State level – New Horizon Cup Under 15 Boys' event on 10th Aug 2018. The journey was a tough one, competing against 42 teams and playing fivematches, the students were ecstatic when they received their medals and certificates.
Another feather in the cap was when Ullas of IX A was judged as the 'Most Promising Player of the event.' The trophy, the certificate and the medal are going to have a special place in his heart and mind We believe that success comes with dedication, hard work and discipline and we are not shy to imbibe these values. Kudos to the students and Physical Education Teachers for making this dream happens.


Every educational institution believes in harnessing various temperaments of students by providing them with the scope and encouragement as per the opportunity. One such event was the NATIONAL AEROLYMPICS 2018, conducted by the Aeronautical Society of India. The students of AJPS not only channelized their effort but also their act and stood 11 in the final round.
The competition at the National Level bore witness to the struggle amongst the elite schools and we are proud to announce that our students fought hard for the coveted position.
Kudos to the Students and Teachers for their phenomenal achievement!!


AJPS boasts of having the best teachers in the field of Physical Education. The Cluster Events held by CBSE has seen many rising stars in the field of sports. It was with determination, sportsman spirit and sheer team work that the students of AJPS were able to make it to the Semi Finals of the basketball tournament.